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The 14 Masoomen a.s Education institute was established in September 2020 in view of the needs of modernization. Here students benefit from religious knowledge through online method. Certificates of appreciation are also distributed among the successful students of the institute by 14 Masoomen As Education. The institute has completed more than 100 different courses on different subjects in which more than 4,000 students participated.

Our goal is to convey the message of the Ahl al-Bayt A.S in simple language ,with reknown scholars and teachers, in less time and cost.

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Molana Dilshad Ali Mehdavi
Islamic Scholar
Molana Abdul Hafeez Pitafi
Islamic Scholar
Moulana Muhammad Baqir Mehdavi
Islamic Scholar
Molana Iftikhar Ali Solangi
Islamic Scholar
Molana Syed Ali Afzal Zaidi
Islamic Scholar

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